With the launch of the Sustainability 2015 initiative, KPLP is embarking on a new path— one that is as exciting as it is challenging.

KPLP is dependent upon natural resources for its ongoing operations. KPLP uses significant energy, water and wood fibre in producing its premium tissue products. Given this dependency, KPLP Management recognizes the responsibility to use these resources wisely and to ensure they continue to be available in the future. Some examples of this commitment include:

KPLP’s move to a more systematic approach to reducing its environmental footprint builds on its past achievements. KPLP Management is incorporating a drive towards sustainability into all of KPLP's products and into every aspect of its operations—all day, every day. From the way KPLP manages its fibre and involves local communities, to how it uses energy and it invests KPLP’s profits, KPLP is considering its impact on the environment. For more information, visit KPLP's dedicated website www.sustainability2015.ca