Tissue Production and Distribution Facilities

Manufacturing & DistributionKruger Products L.P. (KPLP) operates four plants in Canada, consisting of three in Québec and one in British Columbia. These facilities are located close to key markets and provide a competitive product advantage to KPLP, enabling operational and pricing flexibility and lower distribution costs. KPLP’s papermaking capacity currently represents approximately one-third of the total installed Canadian capacity.

KPLP’s U.S. operations are located in Memphis, Tennessee and include both the Existing Memphis Operations and the Through-Air-Drying (TAD) Project.

KPLP regularly invests in its plants to maintain them in good working condition and/or to upgrade or increase capacity to meet increasing customer demand. All paper plants and converting facilities and related land are owned by KPLP, except for the land on which the Gatineau Plant is built, which is subject to a lease.

Gatineau Tissue Plant

Gatineau, Québec
Manufacturing – East Region
Capacity: 91,000 metric tonnes/year

2002 - HACCP [Food Contact - Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points]
2004 - ISO 9001:2000

The Gatineau Tissue plant comprises a distribution center, a converting facility and a plant.

It operates three paper machines and state-of-the-art converting equipment to produce well-known products such as Scotties®, White Swan® facial tissues, White Swan® Napkins and White Swan® bathroom tissues.

Crabtree and Sherbrooke Plants

Crabtree Plant 73,000 MT/year
Sherbrooke Plant 24,000 MT/year

Manufacturing – East Region

The plant located in Crabtree in the Lanaudière region of Québec, and the plant in Sherbrooke are in the Eastern Townships of Québec.

A large range of domestic and industrial tissue products are manufactured at the Crabtree and Sherbrooke plants. Best known among these products are Cashmere®, SpongeTowels®, White Swan® and Purex®.

In addition to its four paper machines, the Crabtree plant has a deinking and recycling paper plant, a converting facility and shipping facilities. The Sherbrooke plant has one paper machine and storage facilities. This plant’s paper is used in finished products at Crabtree.

New Westminster Plant

Manufacturing – West Region

2004 - KPLP, Western Manufacturing Division undertakes the ISO 9001:2001 certification process of its quality management system.

Located in New Westminster, British Columbia, this plant serves the entire region of Western Canada from the Vancouver Island to the Lakehead region of Ontario.

The production facilities include two paper machines and nine converting units, producing a full line of well-known away-from-home and consumer products, such as Purex®, Scotties®, White Swan® and SpongeTowels®. It is the major distribution centre for Western Canada, shipping mainly via truck.

This New Westminster plant utilizes kraft pulp and recycled fibre.

Memphis Plant

In August 2002, KPLP acquired a large, idle tissue plant in Memphis, Tennessee, and formed a new company, K.T.G. (USA). The plant is situated on 80 acres (32 hectares) of land just north of downtown Memphis and, with over 40 acres (16 hectares) under roof, is the largest single structure in the city.

Production facilities include three paper machines and converting lines. The plant produces the full range of bathroom tissue, facial tissue, paper towels and napkins under the White Cloud brand and several private labels. Current capacity totals 57,000 metric tonnes. With the installation of a new TAD machine complete, the total production will increase to 117,000 metric tonnes.