Strong Sustainability Platform

In 2010, KPLP launched its initial five-year sustainable development program, Sustainability 2015, which aims to reduce KPLP`s environmental footprint.

The initiative identifies nine specific objectives, including reducing energy and water consumption while reducing manufacturing and transportation greenhouse gas emissions, waste sent to landfill and packaging materials. Additional objectives include using 100% certified fibre, gaining Forest Stewardship Council® (“FSC®”) chain of custody certification and increasing its offering of third party certified products.

Increasing demands from retail and commercial customers and consumers, increased focus and communication on sustainability by competitors and internal cost-savings opportunities were the main drivers for deploying this strategic initiative. A Vice President Management position was created to lead its execution.

Objectives are posted on the website, The first annual report was published in 2011, documenting initial progress toward achieving objectives. Highlights through the first two years include a 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, a 2.7% reduction in energy and receipt of FSC chain of custody certification by the Rainforest Alliance, making KPLP the first Canadian tissue manufacturer to earn this designation. KPLP now offers one of the largest portfolios of EcoLogoM-certified and FSC-certified tissue products in North America.

More information on KPLP’s sustainability program can be found at